We were pondering one day…….
why are there no alternatives to the drinking straw?
The Icebloc is a novel eco-friendly drinks gadget that offers a better drinking experience than plastic and paper straws. Made of plants and re-usable, it slides onto the edge of any glass and makes your drink swiggable. And the Icebloc is brandable, so bars and drinks companies can get their name in the glass without the need for or branded glassware.
Adrian Potter had the idea for the Icebloc in Hong Kong when struggling to drink a crushed ice gin and tonic.
Spurred on by the need to replace plastic straws, Adrian started working on the Icebloc design. Built prototypes, and submitted patents.
Nailed the design after 22 prototypes. Secured manufacturers in China and India, and researched eco-friendly materials
Extended UK patent to PCT worldwide and UK registered designs to WIPO worldwide. Marketing started.
CEO and Founder
Finally putting his engineering degree to good use, Adrian designed the Icebloc in 2017. Previously in telecoms, he pioneered charity phone fundraising and later setup the UK’s first eco-friendly mobile company, Green Mobile.
PR and Marketing Manager
An established Social Media Manager currently working for Grant Thornton International. Oliver has years of experience in campaign management and corporate social media transformation.
Finance Director
After 30 years investment banking in London, Akbar wanted a new challenge so joined the Icebloc team. He has vast experience in financial management, business modelling and cost control. He also loves cricket and G&Ts.