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A great alternative to the straw, the Icebloc is reusable and made from 100% eco-friendly materials.

Made of Steel IceBloc made of steel
Dishwasher Safe + Dishwasher Safe
Made of Plants IceBloc made of plants
Dishwasher Safe + Dishwasher Safe

The Icebloc doesn’t stop there! It’s fully customisable for brands and events.

Bourbon IceBloc

Make your iced drinks cooler and get your name in every drink.

Festival IceBloc

Design a promotional Icebloc to create a buzz around your event.

Personalised IceBloc

Personalise the Icebloc for friends and family to give it that extra touch.

"It's ridiculously cool. I swear the drink tastes better than using a straw, because the bubbles are less concentrated."

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"I have super sensitive teeth so I don’t normally add ice, but this keeps it from bashing my teeth. I'd definitely use it again."

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"Nifty! I like it. Plus my lipstick doesn’t get washed away by the ice."

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Discover how Icebloc can make your iced drinks swiggable.

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